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About Us


CP Learning Trust works to bring about collaboration amongst providers and regeneration of areas with low learning attainment, pursuing funding on behalf of communities in order to raise aspirations and skills. We have been actively involved in in the capacity building of Skills for Life and Learning Communities, helping people overcome barriers to learning and achieve their potential and providing progression routes to further learning, volunteering and employment.

The Trust believes that all individuals have the right to equality in learning opportunity, wherever possible funded and local, delivered in a way that supports and encourages those with fewer skills to access those opportunities.

Working collaboratively with the community and key partners, we engage with those who have benefited least from learning in the past and would gain most now from being given a second chance. Our aim is to improve the life chances of our learners both socially and economically. Thereby, impacting on the wellbeing of the individuals, their families and the communities where they live.

Our Vision:
For everybody to have the opportunity to improve their life through learning.

Our Mission:
To provide creative and inspiring learning opportunities, enabling individuals and communities to fulfil their potential.

Our Values and Principles:

  • CP Learning Trust will, at all times, be guided by the following values and principles:
  • Always putting the learner first and providing them with an outstanding service
  • Operating with the highest standards of integrity
  • Respecting the equality and diversity of all
  • Working collaboratively to achieve more
  • Building sustainability through teamwork - internal and external
  • Commitment to achieving excellence through continuous improvement
  • Valuing and harnessing the diversity of our staff